Wednesday, January 30, 2008

F15 front


Anonymous said...

Surprising little guitar. the junction body neck is made at the 12th fret. In the hands it seems like a toy, very light and easy to play.
The neck is quite thick but not very wide,it's like a U shape frets are made of brass, like the little dots on the side of the neck. It's brass nails vith a round end so it seems to be small incrusted balls.

There is a zero fret, plastic nut and floating bridge, it seems to be made quickly by some very young craftmen but with quite smart woods.
The sound ? When I bought it on ebay last month, I was quite surprised by the relic like style !it did suffer with tons of little marks and a some big ones on the top. So when I played the new strings the seller installed previously, I was afraid, but the sounding is correct. not a lot of basses of course, big mids and a really good glossy sound. its deep and surprisignly loud for the guitar size. Be careful, at high stroke power, the sound is like in overdrive ! so let's pick gently and have fun.
So this guitar is easy to play with even if the string heigh could be downed a little, and size and strength allow any travel easily too. A child can play also easily on it, so I bought it 120€ and I don't regret the choice. It's a travel guitar, a "take and play" guitar, my kids can play on it without risk. I installed a vintage removable magnetic pickup on it, and i'm going o use it with a bottle neck 'cause I'm sure it's correct sounding for that purpose.

Anonymous said...

i have the same guitar mint just wondering if anyone knows what it is worth