Thursday, January 31, 2008

GR20 front

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tslrolnet said...

tures : 10
Manufactured in Nagano, Japan, by the Suzuki Violin Company. Indescriminate year. There is no indication on the guitar anywhere. 20 frets, with a solid top. It is an accoustic. It has a three-piece Brazilian Rosewood back. The finger inlays are those six-sided diamond shaped mother of pearl. The neck, I would guess, is maple; soft, yet sturdy under the fingers. The finish is bright, and the soundboard has a mother of pearl trim. The rosetta is also mother of pearl. The head is in the classic symmetrical style with a mother of pearl trim as well.

Sound : 10
The sound is emaculate. I've never heard even an expensive accoustic sound as fantastic. It is thick, full, and surprisingly loud, out-classing many 15amp practice amplifiers. It works extremely well with jazz, or folk, or anything you're interested in.

Action, Fit, & Finish : 10
The action is fantastic, however, I am on my third bridge. The original cracked after improperly installed strings. The second cracked in much the same manner, but the installer of the second bridge actually installed the saddle incorrectly and frets 16-20 did not work on the high e string, so I had to take it to New York to get it properly fixed. Since then, it has been nothing but a dream.

Reliability/Durability : 10
Everything seems in order as long as the strings are inserted properly!

Customer Support : No Opinion
I have never dealth with the company. Nagano is a long ways away.

Overall Rating : 10
I have been playing this guitar since I could wrap my hands around it. It is beautiful, and had a guitar tech tell me it was a gem that I should never sell. I agreed with him, even though I would never sell it anyway. It would probably be difficult to find a guitar like this, since they don't make new ones out of Brazilian Rosewood anymore. I was spurned to write this review after I heard on the History Channel how rare this particular wood was. My mother bought this guitar in the 70's, and I've treated it like my unborn child since then.