Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#7 front

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darrin said...

I've really been enjoying learning on this guitar (minus the medium action) as the sound of it really is hard to beat. I'm running John Pearse PB 12s on it and the sound coming from this little guitar is as decent as nearly anything out there that runs under $800. Bass is decent given the body size. It really shines on the mid-tones and with the given set of strings the highs aren't overly bright but quite noticeably cheerful.

Only problem with the steel strings has been intonation. The round saddle makes it tough to sort out intonation. I've done lots of experimenting and have found that clear acrylic rods produce a great tone and can be sanded down to achieve desired compensation. While I'm getting closer to building a custom one its not quite there. Some strings are fine all the way up the neck. Others slowly start to lose it past the 5th fret. Since I'm a beginner and not commonly playing that part of the guitar its a non-issue.