Tuesday, July 3, 2012

FE200B label

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Anonymous said...

I have (amazingly) acquired over the last 25 years, two FE200B Suzuki
Three-S guitars.
One was bought in the 70's, and another online recently. I've never
seen any other FE200B guitars,
except in old catalogs, and believe the FE200B is very rare.
Each of my FE200B uitars are every bit as good as the $5,000 guitars.

This model is the best I've ever had in my 50 yrs of playing, and
plays and sounds better
than my friend's 20 yr old Martin.

I put a Matrix internal pickup in each, and play one in the church
band every week,
and play both via a Fender Acoustasonic 150 Amp home.

Your ID code of E must not mean 'Electric' on the acoustic models,
since mine looks like a classic guitar with classical style head and
wide neck, and
pickboard & steel strings. It did not come with electronics.

I do believe F is for Folk, and see '200' as common between the FE200B
and the W200 models.

I'm not sure what the B stands for, but would like to know. I bought
the first one because
I was looking for a classical guitar (wide fingerboard) made to be an
acoustic. I had an
internal brace re-glued on the old one about a year ago, but no other
problems at all.

Thanks for any help you can provide.