Friday, March 14, 2014

F70 12-string front


ron said...

Just picked up a 12 string Suzuki from 60`s, looks like red cedar back and sides (mahogany...tomas), spruce top and cedar neck with truss rod. has binding even on soundhole.
Label says model f-70 and ink stamped on wood is number 422.
It is Nagoya -have been told only made the f-70 model in 67,68. don`t have production numbers to know if the 6 string( if there are of this model) and 12 were counted together. I am assuming that is the 422 number stamped on support. the tailpiece is factory(I was unsure at first) there are no holes in bridge or top for pegs. As for the sides, the inside-see pic- hard to tell but they have even more red than the back, all bracing seems to be cedar also with a couple pieces that look like rosewood. Will probably have to take to a wood expert to confirm. This guitar has a zero fret and corian nut, jumbo frets and tuner set up like a gibby-epiphone. Also can`t find another binding or pick guard design(thick, clear with design on back ) that matches. also the notching wood binding inside is all cut on an angle. can`t really tell if top is solid but will look into it. scale is 24 7/8.

Don Edstrom said...

There is a six-string f-70...just bought one today at a second hand Salvation Army for $100 cdn...It's much like yours, so if ypou're right (hope so)he's a 67 or 68 # 00715